♫ Dubstep Mix – Melodic, Deep, Riddim Dubstep | Indie Live Radio ♫

♫ Dubstep Mix - Melodic, Deep, Riddim Dubstep | Indie Live Radio ♫ Listen

A livestream from SuperWerer published in Rock

Live-streaming awesome Dubstep, Melodic Dubstep, Deep Dubstep and Riddim Dubstep music from our Community Artists! Only Indie music!

The tracks are original work of the artists (see below) and make sure to ask them for permission in order to use them! All the tracks have been uploaded with permission upon requests by the artists!

If you wish to support/contact an artist click on the link below to find their videos on our channel. Support/Contact links can be found in the description of their tracks! Contact e-mail addresses can also be found in this description!
Potak 2k18 - Tetro: https://youtu.be/ViKHHDoEAHM
In Oblivion - SKEVAX5: https://youtu.be/eyKi46cFAQ4
The Old Blood - Bxkrug: https://youtu.be/1598zjvDmEM
The Astral Clocktower - Bxkrug: https://youtu.be/aeOUXw2Kn5M
Burning Soul - Monsterwave: https://youtu.be/V9oL7A3M7Ek
Radical - Laydran: https://youtu.be/JSXupPqVILw
In The Darkness - AzenoX: https://youtu.be/MfwP5Cn_3ww
The Polis - SPLINE: https://youtu.be/ICTDCWNyYkU
The Five Elements - TeqLonse: https://youtu.be/hi1FagRytao

Contact SKEVAX5: kevin14darck@gmail.com
Contact TeqLonse: speware0132@gmail.com
Contact Tetro: benjamin11220364@gmail.com
Contact Bxkrug: welland.joyce77@gmail.com
Contact Monsterwave:monsterwavemusic@gmail.com
Contact Laydran: laydran@gmail.com
Contact AzenoX: azen0x.alexis@gmail.com
Contact SPLINE: fil16022006@gmail.com

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