🌍Orgánica – Chill World Electronic Ambient Music 🎧 Slow Tempo

🌍Orgánica - Chill World Electronic Ambient Music 🎧 Slow Tempo Listen

A livestream from pilea music published in World

Live stream, chill world electronic, and ambient music. Asian, African, and Middle-Eastern downtempo /slow tempo, orgánica EDM music.
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in this music video, you may find Downtempo World Music, Folktronica, and Deep House music, which has sweet and slow ethnic tunes, 75BPM.

Hi, this is pilea. I have been creating House, Deep House, Folktronica, and downtempo world music since 2022. A deep tribal sound, combining electronic elements and organic instrumentation, stemming from the folk music of Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Hope you like it!
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