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🏮 Japanese Beats / Lofi Hip Hop / Chill Music - 24x7 Livestream Listen

A livestream from Mr_MoMo Music published in Hip-hop

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Please enjoy the music ^^ Been a long time I have been trying to come to live, finally, here we are!

The stream usually won't go offline. I will keep checking, if there is an issue, please email me at offerlike123@gmail.com and I will get the stream up and running immediately.

🎨 Artwork by - GUWEIZ
🎨 Link - https://www.deviantart.com/guweiz/art/Flute-650091176

🔴 Update - The First set of beats added - 14/05/2019

🏮 Full playlist will be added soon :)

🎵 Submissions: offerlike123@gmail.com

For any queries, please email me on the above-provided email !!