💘 24/7 lofi hip hop radio – chill music to sleep & study

💘 24/7 lofi hip hop radio - chill music to sleep & study Listen

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Lofi hip hop beats, jazzhop, and chill music for you to sleep, study, and relax.

Back on the studying grind...

Taking submissions! Artists and managers feel free to contact me using the website or by email.

Website: http://unsignedmusicz.com
Spotify Playlist: http://bit.ly/lofiUMZ
Discord: http://bit.ly/discordUMZ

What songs do you play?
Here, you will find sweet lofi hip hop/jazzhop/chillhop music. These beats are great for relaxing, studying, reading, and hey if you're like me sleeping 24/7.

Latest Updates
- July 27, 2020: heavily edited the playlist, removed and added many songs


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Contact me for any reasons at unsignedmusicz@gmail.com

Thanks for tuning in!


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