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A livestream from Brioni Faith published in Electronic

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Happy 2023!!! Includes latest releases! Our 24/7 Live Stream features Vocal Trance, Cyber Trance, Industrial and EDM by Brioni Faith, Mr X, Space Jam and amazing remixers from all over the world. Music to uplift, inspire and energize your day!

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Videos Produced and Edited by Brioni Faith
Executive Producer Braddon Gilbert

All music appears courtesy of Get On Down Records
© ℗ Get On Down Records 2022

Music for DJs, Live Radio, Music Videos, Non-stop streaming, uninterrupted live stream music,
DJ-Friendly, Underground, Trance Music, Dance Music, EDM, Vocal Trance, Pure Bliss Vocal Trance, industrial, Cyber Trance, Techno, Electronica, electro, non-stop music, Industrial Dance, Cybergoth fashion, Cyberpunk 2077, Cyber Fashion, cybergoth dance.

Live stream videos feature the amazing dancers: Ciwana Black, Wendy Ailan, Roh Maribel, Sayomi, Mandrake, NGS Crew, Kinetic Weapon, Newtype, Acid World