24/7 Hip-Hop & R'n'B Radio Stream Under Construction

24/7 Hip-Hop & R'n'B Radio Stream Under Construction Listen

A livestream from Xn. Beats published in Hip-hop

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Genres: R&B, Soul, Pop, Chill, Alternative (mostly)
But sometimes here you can hear some pop-punk, pop-rock or even indie and bedroom-pop. I can't say that I like one genre over another, but it all rocks for sure.

I pay a lot of attention to the lyrics of songs

Goal of this stream - to share good music with other people. I know that you may not like some songs because of difference of tastes. But I still hope that you'll like it. I'm collecting songs depending on my own taste.

● If you experience lag/stuttering while live, try dragging the red bar on the video back a few seconds and it should run smoothly
● If the stream ever goes down, don't worry it will always come back eventually, just under a new URL
● There are currently around 400-500 tracks in the playlist
● If you enjoy the music be sure to check out the artists on soundcloud and support them!
● I turned donations off for now but thank you to all past donators, I hope the music helps anyone listening in some way!

Q: What kind of music can be heard on your live streams?
A: Our radio and the entire channel focus’s mainly on R&B music, but this is not the only style we specialise in.
On the radio you wont hear popular music.
As a whole our radio is more geared towards chill music but we also add something more rhythmic for a change so we don’t bore the listener with the same old style over and over.

Q: How long has the radio stream been going?
A: Our radio show has actually existed since the beginning of the channel (2020) focusing on R&B / Soul Music. not long ago we changed the name of the radio to be associated specifically with our channel.
Since then, we've been continuously broadcasting the best R&B songs.

Q: What kind of artists can I hear on Xn. Radio?
A: On our radio show you will hear underrated performers creating this style of music, whom we focus on the most.
We want to show that not only the most famous of artists present us with great music.

Q: How often is the music updated in Xn. Radio?
A: Most often new music appears every Friday due to the fact that this is the day when the premieres / new tunes are released. Moreover, we play over 500 songs, ensuring a small repetition of songs in one day.

Q: Can I be involved in helping develop the radio or channel?
A: Absolutely! We will be very grateful for any help, be it in the form of recommending us to friends, subscribing to the channel or making a donation to maintain our radio 24/7

Q: What are the chat rules?
A: Theoretically, we don't have any more guidelines. Above all, you should follow the basic principles such as - respect for the other person with whom you write, regardless of his political views, religion,
skin colour or sexual orientation. Breaking these rules carries the risk of a chat ban for an indefinite period.

Q : I am a music artist, does my music have a chance to appear on the radio?
A: As we mentioned, we support everyone who has talent in what they do, regardless of whether you are famous or not. Please make sure that your content is 100% original and that you have
own copyrights. Our channel and radio respect copyrights.

Xn. Radio is a free service for the artists and it's only supported through donations. Since my channel is not monetised, I don’t earn money from the videos on my channel. If you appreciate my efforts, please consider donating so I am able to sustain the stream and channel thanks for your support.
I don't monetise our live streams. The setup/track list is still being updated

This channel is purely for promotional purposes. I DO NOT own any of this music. If anyone has a problem with me playing their music please send me an email. Thanks!