24/7 Lofi hip hop radio beats to study/chill/relax to

24/7 Lofi hip hop radio beats to study/chill/relax to Listen

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Road to 10k subs! If you like what you see and hear, join the fam! If you did, thanks for joining :)

🎧 Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the tracks on the stream and your time here :)

🎧 About the stream
New tracks will be added daily to grow the playlist
Finally set up a true 24/7 stream!
Have a favorite song you want added to the stream? Let me know!

Stream went down on July 9th but back up and running again

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🎧 Genres
Lo-fi🎵Chillhop🎵Downtempo🎵Jazzy🎵Chill🎵Trip hop🎵 Nostalgia 🎵 Sadlofi 🎵Jazzhop🎵 & more!
Most songs in the rotation will be under these genres I'm just playing stuff that I love from these genres. I might branch out to other genres in the future!

🎧 Chat This is a place for relaxing, so let's be chill :)

🎧 Questions? Problems? Contact me via e-mail 📢 RemiMusicYT@gmail.com📢 or in the chat!

🎧 If you make tracks or art and want to have your work included in the stream, shoot me an e-mail! Submit your music & Art designs & Contact us:
→ contact RemiMusicYT@gmail.com

🎧 Disclaimer I don't own any of these tracks, this is just something I'm doing for fun and to promote my favorite artists. I don't make any money off of this. If an artist or label wants their track removed, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll take it down

🎧 Last thing! Enjoy and thanks for listening! :)

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24/7 Lofi hip hop radio beats to study/chill/relax to

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