Academy Of Tone #72: special guest Euge Valovirta: the best AMP1 Iridium hard rock and metal tones!

Academy Of Tone #72: special guest Euge Valovirta: the best AMP1 Iridium hard rock and metal tones! Listen

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Academy Of Tone #72: special guest Euge Valovirta: the best AMP1 hard rock and metal tones PLUS Iridium vs the Bad Boy!

On this week’s Academy Of Tone, Thomas is joined by our good friend – and official BluGuitar artist endorser – Euge Valovirta for an evening of all things hard rock and metal with AMP1!

Most of you will know Euge already – he’s come to prominence in the past year as his YouTube channel (which focuses on all things guitar gear) grows and grows, and the AMP1 Iridium Edition has been Euge’s major discovery in that time!

In fact, Euge’s AMP1 find was something of a shock for him, as the Iridium Edition is the first amp he’s ever come across that can match up to his beloved Marshall JCM 800 Bad Boy. You can see and hear the surprise and delight on Euge’s face as he discovers that such a tiny pedal-sized amp is keeping up with his full-sized main squeeze – you can watch that video here, by the way:

After that video came out, Thomas liked what he saw, so he and Euge got in touch, and the rest is history – the guys understood each other, Euge joined BluGuitar’s growing artist family, he integrated Iridium into his touring rig, and now he’s finally making the trip to Saarbrücken to visit Thomas and appear on Academy of Tone!

There’s plenty for the guys to talk about, and loads of music to be made. Euge will tell the story of his life as a musician, artist and guitar player, give us all some great tips on how to get the best tones out of AMP1, share some of his favorite playing techniques, and have a few special jams with Thomas!

Of course, he’s bringing the Bad Boy as well, and we’ll shoot it out against Iridium in Thomas’s studio. Euge will also be sharing and demonstrating his other hard rock/metal tonal secret: pairing up responsive and dynamic tube amps with the humble Boss SD-1 overdrive pedal!

He’ll also talk about some of his musical inspirations, from guitars and gear through to the players he grew up idolizing: Dimebag Darrell, Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, James Hetfield and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

We’ll also look at the bands and projects Euge has been in, from being an integral part of Swedish metal legends Shining and playing lead guitar in the up-and-coming melodic metal outfit Cyhra and groove-metal stalwarts Red Wolf, through to performing as a session ace on records by the likes of Children Of Bodom, Heavysaurios, and Kiuas, and also having his own burgeoning solo career.

This is going to be one rocking episode, so if you have any questions about Euge or Iridium, or indeed anything rocking, be sure to ask us them in the live chat and Thomas and Euge will answer as much as they can!

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