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A livestream from Epidemic Pop published in Rock

Acoustic Coffeehouse Pop for the Winter holidays - Keep it Cozy ❄️🎶 Subscribe to Epidemic Acoustic here:

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Track list:
Cody Francis - Building Chemistry
Tape Machines - 3D Print
Bird Of Figment - Ball And Chain
Bird Of Figment - Beauty In The Mundane
Duty Divison - Cause I Am Coming Home
Loving Caliber - Wrote You A Letter
Cody Francis - It’ll Be Alright
Bird Of Figment - Come One Come All
Windshield - Up To You
Sure Zetterberg - Waste Of My Love
Go For Howell - Sweet Embrace
Loving Caliber - I’m Dreaming Of You
Loving Caliber - She Will Never Know
Cody Francis - Rare Love
Cody Francis - Rose In The Garden
Bird Of Figment - Great Mystery
Ethan Martin - Keep the Fire Burning
Velvet Moon - My Dear
Vulcan Peaks - As We Saw The Ocean
Arch Tremors - Eventually
Dayon - I Did It All For You
Bird Of Figment - Sincerely
Bang Bang - All We Had Was Time
Bird Of Figment - You You You
Bird Of Figment - We Don’t Need Much
Loving Caliber - Just One Kiss
Loving Caliber - I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without You
Loving Caliber - Write You A Love Song
Loving Caliber - The River’s Gonna Cry When You’re Gone
Loving Caliber - That’s How You Know That You’re In Love

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