BreakDownUnder: Metal Vradio – 07/11/2022

BreakDownUnder: Metal Vradio - 07/11/2022 Listen

A livestream from Ouhi Gijiko Ch. published in Metal

Another episode of BreakDownUnder! Glad that I've managed to get two in a row.
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1. Armory - "Wormhole Escape"
2. ACID CLAW: "Memory Hole"
3. Antti Martikainen: "Blood of Glory"
4. Summon the Artifice: "Zohar"
5. Franz Poscher: "Ryce Cooker"
6. Solstice Rider: "Uncertainty"
7. Anibal Ojeda: "The Dark: The Love That Once Was"
8. Damned Slaves: "The Truth Behind"
9. KILL ALL THE GENTLEMEN: "The Ground Beneath The Weeds"
10. WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM: "Spirit of Lightning"
11. Worship the Pestilence: "Worship the plague"
12. Enemy Crucifixion: "Autothopia"

All songs used with permission.