DUB REGGAE AND STEPPAS 24/7 Music Livestream

DUB REGGAE AND STEPPAS 24/7 Music Livestream Listen

A livestream from Northern Dub Steppas published in Reggae

Soundsystem Culture music! Lots of Dub and Steppas with a little Reggae!

(11.03.19) - Back from Holiday, added 39 fresh releases!
(10.01.19) - Added 19 tunes new releases and a few reggae classics
(11.12.18) - Added 25 tunes new releases and some classics

Currently playing from a playlist of 497 songs. I'm adding new songs on a regular basis.

type !playlist for the complete playlist.
type !info for the current status of the stream.

If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to message me!

I also made a SoundCloud playlist which consists mostly of the music in the stream.

The video is cut from "Deep Frequency" EMILE COHL, Lyon (cohl.fr)