Electro Swing 2019 🔥 24/7 Radio 🔥 Jazz & Gaming Music

Electro Swing 2019 🔥 24/7 Radio 🔥 Jazz & Gaming Music Listen

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Ballistic Music is live streaming the best Electro Swing 2019, 24/7 Electro Swing Radio, we have Peggy Suave, Jamie Berry, Caravan Palace and much more! We hope you enjoy our Electro Swing Radio along with the Jazz Music, Gaming Music and Study Music Electro Swing!

We hope you sit back and relaxing while you make this radio what you want it to be, It could be a Gaming Radio, Jazz Radio, Study Radio or a Relax Radio!

💰 We do NOT monetize this stream with ads at all and is completely ran from donations; any donations are highly appreciated:
- https://streamlabs.com/ballisticmusic

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Electro Swing Spotify Playlist - https://ballistic.live/spotify-electro

📻 Other Ballistic Radios:
Tropical House - https://ballistic.live/tropical
Lofi Hip Hop - https://ballistic.live/lofi

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🏅 Ranks:
Regular - 5 hours
Well Known - 10 hours
Watcher - 20 hours
Swinger - 30 hours
Professional Swinger - 40 hours
Swing Artist - 60 hours
24/7 Swinger - 80 hours

❔ FAQ:
Is this stream really 24/7?
Yes the stream is 24/7 unless there are technical issues or other issues that occur
Want a song removed or added?
Please email me at admin@ballistic.live and I will either remove or add the song within 6 to 8 hours (depending on the urgency)
Can i use the stream in the background of my stream?
You can, but at your own risk. I don't own the rights of the songs that are played so im not responsible what happens when you use them. On the other hand you cannot just re-stream my stream.
How long has the stream been going for?
We started streaming on the 31st August 2017
How many songs are in the playlist?
We currently have 300+ songs
Is the stream Family Friendly?
Yes! It's completely Family Friendly.

⛔ PLEASE NOTE: I do not own any rights to this music, all rights go to the respective artists.

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Twitter - https://twitter.com/Parcanss
Email - admin@ballistic.live