Freestyle Session from hip hop discord server

Freestyle Session from hip hop discord server Listen

A livestream from Je5us published in Hip-hop

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Welcome to my Stream

My name is Jesus and I like to play games and stream them. I hope you enjoy your stay.


Use common sense.
Don't be rude to each other or the broadcaster.
No spamming.
No Racist or disrespectful comments.


intel i-7 4790K

Nvidia GTX 750

8 GB Ram


MIc stuff:

Radioshack Windscreen
Auphonix Popfilter
Generic Scissor Arm Stand

Mixer Stuff:

VST Host w/ Reaplug-ins (for background noise i.e computer fans)
Voice Meeter Banana (for skype calls, Discord voice chat, and 3DS Streaming)

Steam stuff:

OBS Sutdio

3DS Stuff:

NTR CFW 3.4 (for livestreaming 3DS titles)
Aux cable (for 3DS audio)