Galaxy Eyes Unicorn Fandom world (Any Fandom Allowed)

Galaxy Eyes Unicorn Fandom world (Any Fandom Allowed) Listen

A livestream from Team Galaxy-Eyes Unicorn published in World

Hello And welcome to the ​​Unicorn’s Fandom world (Any Fandom Allowed) where you can relax and enjoy music or roleplay with other people hope you enjoy your time here!

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Roleplay Rules
1. No Sexuell Roleplaying (kissing and hugging is ok)
2. No Spamming
3.No Selfharm Or Sucidel Roleplaying
4. No Racism Like The N world
5. No Advertisement
6. No Bullying
7. Don't Make your character To Overpowered play fair Commands
8.No Forcing Somone To Roleplay with you
9.respect mods bad behaver towers mods will be punished
10. don't ignore others play nice

Mod Rules
1. Only Because you are a mod it doesn't make you above everyone else and all rules above are the same as you
2.dont disrespect other mods we should be like a family here
3. for the love of god don't start drama

RuleBreaker System
3 warnings = 1 time out
2 timeouts = 1 ban for 14 days
2 bans = perm ban