GMAP Radio – Chill hiphop & lofi beats to study/relax/game/drive/smoke to | 24/7 Live Radio

GMAP Radio - Chill hiphop & lofi beats to study/relax/game/drive/smoke to | 24/7 Live Radio Listen

A livestream from Ghetto Minds at Play published in Hip-hop

Welcome to GMAP Radio, streaming live 24/7 chill hiphop music, remixes, boom bap & lofi beats for your soul 🌎

Drop a comment in the chat to say hi or to let us know whether you're doing homework, studying, relaxing, gaming, driving, smoking or whatever it is you do while listening to this 🎧

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→ If an artist wants their music/artwork added/removed to this stream, leave a comment or email us at 📩

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→ Artist & Track names are displayed at the top left corner

How many tracks?
→ 800+ hand picked tracks

Is this radio clean?
→ Nah fam

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→ Updated with new music on 7/10/2020 ♫꒰・◡・๑꒱

~ relax and stay vibin' fam 👌 ~
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