How Leveling 1-50 Works in Shadowlands – Chromie Time Guide!

How Leveling 1-50 Works in Shadowlands - Chromie Time Guide! Listen

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Chromie Time is coming. Shadowlands is bringing a level squish to WoW, and leveling new characters is going to be a bit different! Today, we're taking a look at the structure of leveling 1-50 after the level squish as well as other assorted trivia like how heirlooms and heirloom upgrades work in Shadowlands, Relics of the Past to craft custom low-level armor and when you learn to ride mounts and fly.

Read more about Chromie Time leveling and see a full list of what level each zone and dungeon in WoW unlocks at over on Wowhead:

0:00 - Level Squish Basics
0:37 - Starting Zone Options
1:15 - Exile's Reach
2:28 - Old Newbie Zones
2:48 - Options for 10 to 50
3:10 - Chromie Time
4:48 - Leveling Dungeon Options
5:25 - Mount Training
5:54 - Heirlooms
7:24 - Relics of the Past
8:12 - Predictions on Efficient Leveling Routes

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