Huge Scandals That Will Always Haunt VH1

Huge Scandals That Will Always Haunt VH1 Listen

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When MTV first started making the switch from music to reality TV, it quickly had its fair share of controversial moments. But its sister network VH1 wasn’t too far behind. The music channel has had all kinds of scandalous reality shows over the years, from one show that kept getting sued to multiple shows that had serious criminals in the cast. Then there’s the controversy surrounding Dr. Drew and Celebrity Rehab, which many have said is exploitative and has even led to multiple cast members’ deaths. Let’s take a look at a few huge scandals that will always haunt VH1.

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A reality star becomes a criminal | 0:00
Lawsuits over "Black Ink Crew" | 1:15
"Love and Hip Hop" and fighting | 2:03
"Hit the Floor" star's violent end | 3:21
"Ev and Ocho" canceled | 4:22
"Drag Race" fandom accused | 5:08
Tragic track record for "Celebrity Rehab" | 5:46

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