I literally won't stop streaming until the world's population hit 7,778,800,000 (With NCS Music)

I literally won't stop streaming until the world's population hit 7,778,800,000 (With NCS Music) Listen

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Yeah you heard the title right!

I hope everyone is staying safe. I want everyone to know that they're special, especially those who are feeling down or feeling that their life is just nothing. I know sometimes things could be easy to say before thinking because it's "easier said than done". Our mind is something we use to think, and our thoughts could be dangerous if we don't use it carefully. Basically what i'm saying is don't let anyone or even yourself tell you that you're not enough or you're a loser. You're different and special in your own way. You're never alone!

Now more on Covid-19! We're all in this quarantine together, yeah it could be boring to stay at home but what matters more is your life and the people around you. It's time to get creative staying at home, use what you have and use it wisely. Whether you're going out to buy groceries or staying at home you HAVE to bear in mind of what you touch, wash your hands to stay hygienic and safe, don't take the risk, you never know.

Any questions? Type it in the LIVE chat or comment it in the comment section!
Music has always brighten up my day whenever or wherever it doesn't matter.
Read the lyrics and it goes deeper. Subscribe to me if you want, hope you enjoy this live stream! :D

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Obviously the UN data is based on estimates and can't be 100% accurate.
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