IGANBAYCDTI – Episode 47 – Rock Improvisations

IGANBAYCDTI - Episode 47 - Rock Improvisations Listen

A livestream from Terry Leigh Britton's Live Musical Performances published in Rock

Using sequences, rhythmic patches, and drum machines - going into jam-land!
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Production Notes:

Recorded Before A Live Audience! (watching stream...)
Seven keyboards used
Cantabile 3 used as host to mix and control all instruments - used D116 Frontier Self Adaptive Limiter on final output. Streamed using OBS Classic. Audio going from Cantabile 3 to Voicemeeter via ASIO interface ports and from Voicemeeter as WDM to OBS.

Synthesizers and Effects used:

Korg Wavestation Keyboard:

Korg Wavestation Legacy VST - Mr Terminator, Life Goes On, Toolbox Jam, Jekyll&Hyde, MrTerminator (These are the "beats" used - see below for tempos in BPM.)

Phase 1 - Mr Terminator 81 BPM
Phase 2 - Life Goes On 136 BPM
Phase 3 - Toolbox Jam 104 BPM
Phase 4 - Jekyl & Hyde 139 BPM
Phase 5 - Mr Terminator 163 BPM

Akai MPK249 Keyboard:

AIR Vacuum Pro - Growling, Open Lead RD, Saw Whine, After the War, Flight

NI S-49 Mk2 Keyboard:

Arturia Modular V - 8000800, 8880000, 8880000, 8000800, 8000800

NI S-88 Keyboard:

AIR Velvet - MK2 Psycho Phaze, Not Used, MK2 Dynomite, Default, MK2 Dynomite

Kawai K5000s as Synth- Not Used, Not Used, Not Used, Not Used, InTRAXX

Korg Legacy MS-20 - Not Used, 5th Level, Not Used, Not Used, Not Used

Kawai K5000s as Keyboard Controller:

AIR Loom 2 - The Mountains, Mallet Lead, Mellow Twirl, Mallet Lead, The Mountains

Kawai K5000s as Synth- Not Used, Valves, TB5005, Rotator, Rotator

Akai MPK225:

AIR Hybrid - Not Used, Fat Amped Mini Lead, Fat Amped Mini Lead, Synth Horn Lead, Funk Sync

Alesis QX49:

AIR Xpand!2 - In Full Effect, New Romantic, Guitar Solo, Slow Sweeper, Clicky Phaser Lead

AIR Hybrid - Fat Power Lead, Not Used, Not Used, Not Used, Not Used


UVI "Rotary" - Stereorgan, Stereorgan, Stereorgan, Stereorgan, Stereorgan

Surreal Machines' Diffuse:
Set 1 - Velvet to Default
Set 2 - Hybrid to Echo Cloud Mid
Set 3 - Not Used
Set 4 - Not Used
Set 5 - Not Used

Set 1: KR-Space - Bubble-Marble-Tunnel
Set 2: KR-Space - Crystalline-Bubbles
Set 3: KR-Space - Bubble-Marble-Tunnel
Set 4: KR-Space - Bubble-Marble-Tunnel
Set 5: KR-Space - Bubble-Marble-Tunnel