Infinite Procedurally Generated Djent Music (24/7)

Infinite Procedurally Generated Djent Music (24/7) Listen

A livestream from Dennis Martensson published in Metal

If you like Djent/Progressive Metal, and bands like Meshuggah/Periphery/TesseracT/Animals As Leaders etc, come hang out and listen to some infinite procedurally generated Djent!

If you haven't seen/heard this project before, I made a 10 hour video with this music that you can listen to anytime (with higher quality);

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Software used;
Recorded and mixed in Reaper
GGD Modern and Massive
GGD Invasion
Submission Audio Djinnbass
Neural DSP Parallax

Hardware used;
Fractal Audio Axe-Fx 2
Ibanez RGIF7


Q: Is this available on Spotify?
A: Yes! Although not these exact songs, but you can listen to music generated by this program here!
Many songs are also available on my Bandcamp:

Q: How did you make this?
A: Check out these videos for some explanations on the process!

Q: How is the visualization done?
A: The program is implemented in my own game engine, so the visualization is just a bunch of 3D objects and point lights (with volumetric lighting) tied to certain events!

Q: Is this open source? Will it be?
A: Currently it's not. It's something I have considered, but if I were to make it open source right now, it would probably just be an unintelligible soup of code, unbuildable by anyone but me, since it contains a lot of hardcoded paths to my computer specifically. So long story short, if I were to make it open source, I'd wanna clean it up a bit, write some documentation and such things beforehand, and I haven't found the time to do that yet! And even that is also ignoring that I would probably have to release it without a majority of the samples, making it impossible to run, since I use third party sample libraries for many of the samples (such as the drums and bass), and although the samples are built in a proprietary file format for faster loading times in my game engine, it's not encrypted or anything, so extracting the raw .wav files would probably be quite easy for an intermediate coder. There's also third party textures and stuff like that that I do not have the rights to redistribute.
THAT SAID, the code for the actual game engine is available publically:

Q: Can you generate other genres?
A: Technically yes. But it's hard. Or rather, it's very time-consuming. If you have watched some of my explanation videos, you know that the process is not to set up an AI to listen to a bunch of riffs and then have it play back new music (not to imply that approach is much easier or less time-consuming, even that involves a whole lot of human oversight and tweaking!). Rather, it's a collection of hand-crafted algorithms. No machine learning is involved. So while yes, it's possible to create new algorithms to generate a new genre, "porting" the program to another genre takes a lot of time. That said, I do have some minor work started on other genres that you might see in the future!

The program was last updated 30:th of august 2022. I will try to update it once in a while, where there will be a short break in the stream, where I essentially transfer a new version of the program and restart it!


- New section generators
- Some internal optimizations
- Current number of section generators (mostly for my own tracking): 95 (2 new from the last update!)


- New section generator
- Improved drum mix
- Done some few changes to reduce the power consumption of the program, which means that video quality might be down a little. But the thing that matters - The music - Will still sound the same. (:
- Current number of section generators (mostly for my own tracking): 93 (1 new from the last update!)


- New section generators
- Additional minor tweaks to the mastering chain
- Tuning is now randomized between Double Drop E to Drop G# for every song
- Adding a blues scale. It sounds very video-gamey, and I LOVE IT
- Improved drum mix (:
- Current number of section generators (mostly for my own tracking): 92 (6 new from the last update!)

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