Late Night Tech Talk With 2 Phonez Ep 2

Late Night Tech Talk With 2 Phonez Ep 2 ▶ Listen

A livestream from iTechUOutGuy published in Tech

Tonight's live stream started slow off with my thoughts on the new announced Moto G7 series (G7, G7 Play, G7 Power). Also thoughts on the new Samsung Galaxy S10 series. Hold out for the Note 10! Next discuss what Sony XZ4 and XA3 will bring to the masses. Something totally different! My updates on FreedomPop uses and FreeUP and a main cell phone service. Next, got deep with flaws and mistakes that Google and Samsung are making with their cameras and software updates that really don't make sense but for their business to get users to buy into new phones. SMH 😌 Anyways and the rest the stream is back and forth with viewers. Lol 😂 you gotta read the live chat comments! 😂😂😂👍 Thanks for watching.

Moto E5 Plus Update:


Opera Beta Browser app Now includes Built-in VPN:

GSM unlocked Dual SIM devices explained:

NUU Mobile G3 vs Sony Xperia XA 2 ultra:

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