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How bad is it in the south China sea?
^ this video back in 2015 shows China's aggression towards any planes that fly in this international flight zone
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Websdr airforce messages , see below for more information on usaf messages

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!nhc_atlantic : latest hurricane info
!skykinginfo : shows latest eam/skyking callsigns and codes , sometimes not updated very well
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Websites I recommend
live syria cam
Current live military planes with transponders activated
Jeff Rense News Website
Us Airforce messages website
channel 8992 Filter Usb
What are Eams??
In the U.S. military's strategic nuclear weapon nuclear command and control (NC2) system, an Emergency Action Message (EAM) is a preformatted message that directs nuclear-capable forces to execute specific Major Attack Options (MAOs) or Limited Attack Options (LAOs) in a nuclear war.
Emergency Action Message - Wikipedia