Let's talk about why metal needs to have high standards!

Let's talk about why metal needs to have high standards! Listen

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Lets talk about why metal needs to have high standards!
Hello everyone the underground metal gamer here is back with another livestream! On this livestream we talked about "Why metal needs to have high standards and what happens when this is completely ignored. Before you think "ohh here we go another elitist douchebag ranting about his bands being superior" I strongly encourage you to give the stream a chance.I did not bash deathcore or slam in this livestream. We had a very mature discussion on our modern society, its tendencies, the effect it is having on people. We also talked about the impact of convenience and complacency because of technology and how it is affecting music, relationships, human interaction etc etc. I also talk about my passion for growth on youtube and why it is one of my most important goals as well as why i decided to incorporate the positive changes to the channel! I hope you enjoy this livestream and remember to like,comment, and subscribe! cheers!