Little Belt Underwater Live Stream – “Lyt til marsvin i Lillebælt”

Little Belt Underwater Live Stream - “Lyt til marsvin i Lillebælt” Listen

A livestream from SEICHE WATER TECHNOLOGY GROUP LTD published in Tech

You are watching and listening to underwater sounds recorded on hydrophones installed on the seabed at Middelfart, Denmark. This is a marine protected area and a high-density area for harbour porpoises, and Aarhus University, Naturpark Lillebaelt and Seiche Ltd. are working together to provide real-time monitoring of porpoise activity and levels of ambient sound. The aim is to help gain an understanding of why this area is important for porpoises, why porpoise activity fluctuates over 24-h periods and throughout the year, and how human activities affect porpoise behaviour.
The audio stream is live, most of the time. The displays vary depending on how researchers are viewing the data: you may see a spectrogram of ambient sounds, or a map with the tracks of larger vessels (AIS reports), or you may see a click detector display, where porpoise clicks are automatically displayed as red triangles. The audio you hear is a mix of low frequency background sounds and high frequency porpoise clicks that have been dropped down into our hearing range by signal processing techniques (the audible output of an envelope detector).