Live at 9am CT Blues week 3 Preview, Updated Scale Pdf and Major 3rd

Live at 9am CT Blues week 3 Preview,  Updated Scale Pdf and Major 3rd Listen

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Happy Saturday!
Here is the Updated Scale Sheet
I am very excited to welcome 2 more people to our practice group. We are now at 36 students!
Welcome Ken and Cesar to our group!!!
Also, some amazing things are happening. As I do lessons, our students are making charts, helpful pdfs and backing tracks of all of the material from our live sessions. Wow! This Pdf was made writing out all of the major scales with the comma, and also the blues scale, and minor pentatonic scale and the key signature.
Thanks Kyle and Vicky for this awesome work!
My hope is that you will take advantage of this bundle. I promise you that this material will help you achieve your blues goals. Also, I am always here to help you with anything.

Once again thank you to everyone who has been getting the courses. I have been upgrading all of my equipment and software and your support is much appreciated. Thanks to you, we are growing fast!

Bob Taylor

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