live cam stream guitar mini concert #romance2021 #alienrock #guitar2021 #Metal #Rock #Music

live cam stream guitar mini concert #romance2021 #alienrock #guitar2021 #Metal #Rock #Music Listen

A livestream from Codename Cuervo published in Metal

Nice 'n Heavy!!!

melodic hardcore alien rock / heavy metal guitar with a catchy lead guitar groove and screaming scorching Vocals modern original song by new artist Codename Cuervo!!!

new alien rock at its best with a 4k uhd music. Original songs (c) 2006 - 2021 by Code Name Cuervo. Enjoy the melodic melodies of heavy hardcore alien rock sounds that takes you to a whole other galaxy of imagination. Melodic alien rock original music new for 2021.

Code Name Cuervo
4K UHD Official Music Video
Guitars: Carlos Christopher Cuervo
Bass: Carlos C Cuervo
Vocals: Carlos Christopher Cuervo
Written By: Carlos Christopher Cuervo
Filmed In 4K UHD Ultra HD Official Music Video
Original Music (c) 2021

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Code Name Cuervo "Ice 7":

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Code Name Cuervo Original Music (c) 2006 - (c) 2021

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Underground Original Music (c) 2021

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