Live Stream: Blues Improvising vs "Canned Solos"

Live Stream: Blues Improvising vs "Canned Solos" Listen

A livestream from Mark Zabel published in Blues

Thinking about how to approach playing a solo for a song live.

1. "Canned Solo": Preparing beforehand and playing it note for note.
2. Improvising

Both approaches have issues. However, a hybrid approach can work well. In the hybrid approach, you make a "canned solo" for 1 chorus of the song, but not any others. Then you practice improvising over the chord progression. That way if you get lost for ideas, you can come back to the "canned" ideas and be okay.

I'm using a PRS Tremonti Custom SE in the video. It's similar to a Les Paul, but has a few different features, including a tremolo. I'm still working with the setup and sound, so stand by for a review at some point.

Thanks for joining me today!