lofi heavy metal ai radio – riffs for false nostalgia 24/7

lofi heavy metal ai radio - riffs for false nostalgia 24/7 Listen

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Nothing but the classics..sorta. These songs were generated by a neural network.

☀ Artwork by Andy from Kaiju Big Battel
::: http://andybellartist.com
::: http://instagram.com/andrewbrycebell

OpenAI released 7000+ songs generated by Jukebox, a hierarchical vq-vae transformer raw audio neural net. We curated 200+ metal tracks and mastered them with landr. Let's dig through, find gems, and see how everybody feels about the apocalypse.

Jukebox was created by Prafulla Dhariwal, Heewoo Jun, Christine Payne, Jong Wook Kim, Alec Radford and Ilya Sutskever, true titans of creative ai. Jukebox's hierarchical attention makes it better at song structure than SampleRNN's hierarchical LSTM. It can make bands sing custom lyrics. It does artist and genre fusions, too. It's been pre-trained on 7000+ bands, and could be fine-tuned on new bands.

Know any bands on these lists? Put them in contact with us! We'll generate your next album 😐

::: http://dadabots.com

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Jukebox colab notebook https://colab.research.google.com/github/openai/jukebox/blob/master/jukebox/Interacting_with_Jukebox.ipynb
More jukebox songs https://jukebox.openai.com/