lofi hip hop radio 🎧 24/7 chillhop & jazzhop beats

lofi hip hop radio 🎧 24/7 chillhop & jazzhop beats Listen

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♫ This stream features 24/7 lofi hip hop & chillhop beats to help you space out, study, relax, work or whatever you're doing right now.

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💬 Bot commands
!spotify ➟ get Spotify playlist
!like ➟ share your love for the current beat being played
!hi ➟ say hello to everyone
!five➟ send our team a high five
!livetime ➟ shows stream's running time so far
!bye ➟ kind of self explanatory, no?

☕ last update - March 30th - added burbank, CloudChord, a s t r o, H.1, invention_, flitz&suppe, w00ds & more. So far the selection is 800+ chillhop, jazzhop & lofi hip hop beats.

✔️ update log
・12 / 30 / 2018 » added 150 new beats, removed 50, cleaned up track names, added bot commands
・11 / 23 / 2018 » Video loop replaced, added 100 new beats

📷 Video loop source

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★ Q&A

Hi, we're Stereofox - a music website & streaming collective.

How long will this be online?
▶︎ I'm running this on a cloud-based machine, so unless something massively bad happens to Earth or I fuck up settings while playing around, this should be live.

▶︎ If you want to be featured on our website, SoundCloud or YouTube channel - write me a line at ivo@stereofox.com

What is this music genre?
▶︎ You're mainly listening to a blend of chillhop and lofi hip hop. I might be expanding the collection though. Let me know if you have any suggestions in the chat box on your right :)

Do you feature similar music on Stereofox's website?
▶︎ Yes, we do! Actually if you want to find more about the genres - drop by https://www.stereofox.com/category/chillhop/ or https://www.stereofox.com/category/lofi-hip-hop/ (there is this written text box on the left side) ;)

Do you plan on future streams?
▶︎ To be honest I'm literally trying this for the first time. After 4 years of blogging and content curation I wanted to try it out. If people dig this - happy to add more radio stations - pick your genres! Personally, I love some funky/vaporwave beats.

Other cool people out there?
▶︎ Shoutout to all the producers for making such dope beats & to the Chillhop Records guys for pushing music fwd.

▶︎ If any artists or labels have issues with their music being on here - drop me an e-mail or Twitter/SoundCloud DM.

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