lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to (Lofi Girl's livestream video for 3 consecutive years)

lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to (Lofi Girl's livestream video for 3 consecutive years) β–Ά Listen

A livestream from The Lonely published in Hip-hop

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🎧 Tracklist:
Refeeld - Can_t Wait
WYS - Mailman
Greenface - Sweet Memories
Aphrow x Stuffed Tomato - Our Year
Reysi - Forever
Towerz x Refeeld - send you away
T.Stratt - Among Shades
Prithvi - Reindeer_s Nap (feat. Grisp)
Ayzic - Wisteria
Cammie _ Bcalm - Oceanside Harbor
Kainbeats - I dreamed of you (ft. S N U G)
Lina Labs - Youkulele
Linearwave - beachside
Luffmoor - Me, You, and the Sun
MΓΈndberg - Pacific blue
Pr4ntik - At night, with you
Pr4ntik _ trxxshed - under the blue moon
Project AER - It All Falls Into Place
Project AER - Waiting for the Sunlight
Reysi - Curly Hair ft. Tibeauthetraveler
Reysi - Falling Leaves
Reysi - Passing By
Stuffed Tomato _ Greenface - Why Not
C4C - Brave ft. Stuffed Tomato ft.Epektase
C4C - Charming
Antonius B - Falling Leaves (ft. Stuffed Tomato)
Antonius B - Lost Traveler (ft. Stuffed Tomato)
Haru Pandi - Lovely
C4C - Faithful ft. No Spirit
C4C - Patient ft. Jordy Chandra
Antonius B - Wind Gust
Dinis - Tarde Na Praia (feat. Goldbag)
Dinis - Meu Pai
Dinis - Momento Solarengo
Refeeld - Time Passed With You
S N U G x Nuver - Grateful
Project AER - Ensemble
T.stratt - Take me back

β–Ί Music by:
Refeeld β†’ https://by.com.vn/268TMI
WYS β†’ https://spoti.fi/3FUN1rB
Greenface β†’ https://spoti.fi/3sDp05j
Aphrow β†’ https://spoti.fi/3ru56c7
Stuffed Tomato β†’ https://spoti.fi/3Ir1jCG
Reysi β†’ https://spoti.fi/31tCxR5
Towerz β†’ https://spoti.fi/3nMvATw
T.Stratt β†’ https://spoti.fi/3r7yUer
Prithvi β†’ https://spoti.fi/3mwWU7L
Grisp β†’ https://spoti.fi/3In8rQy
Ayzic β†’ https://spoti.fi/30WEFkK
Cammie β†’ https://spoti.fi/31wUnCV
Kainbeats β†’ https://by.com.vn/TeInp4
S N U G β†’ https://spoti.fi/3DTJEke
Lina Labs β†’ https://spoti.fi/3GGDNjC
Linearwave β†’ https://spoti.fi/3rGSvRv
Luffmoor β†’ https://spoti.fi/3FQWQH0
MΓΈndberg β†’ https://spoti.fi/32KQ4Vy
Pr4ntik β†’ https://by.com.vn/PYgXlP
Project AER β†’ https://spoti.fi/3FKIjwI
C4C β†’ https://spoti.fi/3DUer0m
Epektase β†’ https://spoti.fi/3EO0QY1
Antonius B β†’ https://spoti.fi/3diFsPy
Haru Pandi β†’ https://spoti.fi/3rAua1o
No Spirit β†’ https://spoti.fi/3G2O09c
Jordy Chandra β†’ https://spoti.fi/3lADTAI
Dinis β†’ https://spoti.fi/3qZvUAm
Goldbag β†’ https://spoti.fi/3BqtTkn
Nuver β†’ https://spoti.fi/3nTXZHV
Naga β†’ https://spoti.fi/3nYtLDO