Lofi Hip Hop Radio | Workaholic ~ Chill Lofi Music ✍ Lofi study, Relaxing Music 🌺 Cozy Lofi Mix

Lofi Hip Hop Radio | Workaholic ~ Chill Lofi  Music ✍ Lofi study, Relaxing Music 🌺 Cozy Lofi Mix β–Ά Listen

A livestream from Chilling Beat published in Hip-hop

Lofi Hip Hop Radio | Workaholic ~ Chill Lofi Music ✍ Lofi study, Relaxing Music 🌺 Cozy Lofi Mix

Hello beautiful people! I'm Chilling Beat who have a huge passion on Lofi Music, wish you all a very good day and enjoy this moment with me, stay relax and relief!

🎡 | Music provided by The Jazz Hop Café: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheJazzHopCaf%C3%A9
πŸ“» | Stream it: https://www.fanlink.to/jazzhopcafe
Music for when you are stressed πŸ€ Chil lofi | Music to Relax, Drive, Study, Chill
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πŸ“· Artwork by @gyong_d
"Umbrella Romance" & "Sunny Weekend" are available in all streaming platform:

🎧 Track List:
[00:00] eva gomi tenshi - raindrops
[02:19] WYS - Sparrow
[05:04] Nogymx - Passengers
[07:28] Enzalla - Macalania Woods
[09:33] Taiyo Ky & Jom Bee - Umbrella for Two
[12:01] Charlee Nguyen - When The Heart Beats
[15:19] RenBoz & Elsei - Fickle Game
[17:59] greenface - 7Days Sea
[19:45] Osaki - Shibuya
[22:22] JazzyCal - Coffee Bean
[24:36] Chiccote's Beats - evening
[27:00] Osaki - Owari no nai
[29:53] Kainbeats - Nurturing
[31:52] Enzalla - Kilika
[34:01] Refeeld - Dusk
[36:31] Refeeld - Leave From Bustle
[38:52] Refeeld - Line of Trees
[41:24] Refeeld - Passing City
[43:47] Refeeld - Bicycle
[46:13] repeat
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