lofi study hip hop – [Lofi hip hop/studying beats]

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Calming Lo-fi Hip hop for sleeping, with Positive energy attraction and Meditation, anxiety-relieving, Stress Relief, Spa, Study, Sleep, Relax, Creative Energy meditation music and relax music provides calm music to promote inner peace, positive energy, and stress relief, helping you to achieve ultimate Zen during these challenging times of quarantine. Use our Zen music for meditation as calming music to bring soothing relaxation and healing to your body-mind

Lo-fi is traditionally used for just studying but we have decided to push it beyond that, mixing it with sleeping and meditation to really give it another meaning asides from just studying, so, just take your traditional meditation steps, and really focus on relieving yourself of negative energy, negative energy leads to negative emotions, these negative emotions lead to hatred, anger, jealously, all of which will lead to a darker path that we wish you do not travel down, cause once you travel the dark path, you may never be able to traverse back to the normal light path that you should be taking.

This meditation relaxing music helps by clearing subconscious negativity and providing stress relief and a sense of Zen and therefore is ideal yoga music. Whether you are practicing yoga, engaging in a healing meditation or sleep meditation, or simply seeking soothing relaxation, Creative Energy's yoga music, Zen music and relax music act as excellent ambient music for your spiritual practices, making you feel as though your home is your very own Zen spa. Many people who practice meditation for anxiety find that our soft music deepens their healing meditation. When you need sleep music for insomnia or sleep meditation, our relaxing music for sleep with its ambient, healing piano music, will work to help you sleep and relax. This music for sleeping is sleep meditation healing music with embedded delta waves and binaural beats for relaxation. It is essential to use relaxing sleep music or deep sleep music to help when doing these things.

- Message from the creators of creative energy -

We thought of a strange concept that could work! meditation Lo-fi. Lo-fi Music by default is quite calming and psychological evidence and science does exist for that... so we thought, why not corporate meditation into the lo-fi content? we assure you it will work, it may feel different but you'll get used to it eventually

We also would like to try this new concept we have developed, meditation with lo-fi, there's evidence lo-fi can help with studying or just relaxing in general, so we thought why not incorporate two things into one, Meditation is to calm the mind as well, to really reduce stress, so, we have decided to try this concept

Since lo-fi music isn't intense just like meditation music it can help you in meditating and studying, or if you just want to sleep, relax your body, mind, and soul, we are very sure of that.

- Music provided by Lofi Girl
- Listen: bit.ly/lofigirI-playlists

We've recently started to experiment with more content asides from meditation music and affirmations, we wanted to try lo-fi to see if it also appeals to the fans, as after a while of meditation music or affirmations it may become bland, and you all may want something new, so, this is what we're trying, and so far it's added some more value to this channel, we wanna try more content asides from the normal meditation and affirmation content, otherwise the content becomes bland to all of you, since it may become repetitive.

So don't worry, our channel hasn't been hacked, we are just trying some new things so that it isn't just the same content over and over again for all of you, we want also just wanted to expand our videos beyond meditation and such.

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