Max Frost: LIVE at Turner Hall Milwaukee!

Max Frost: LIVE at Turner Hall Milwaukee! Listen

A livestream from Milwaukee PBS published in Singer / Songwriter

MPBS and MATC's annual STUDENT OPERATIONS DAY 2019 is PROUD to present Max Frost in concert- LIVE streaming on Saturday March 16, 2019!

Student Producer Taylor Padgett partners with Mr. Frost to bring live viewers this concert featuring Max's energy, music and performance talent.
The edited full-length program airs on Milwaukee PBS 36.1 on Saturday May 11, 2019-
but viewers can experience the show LIVE via this exclusive stream!

About Max Frost:

Max Frost is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Austin, Texas, who is signed to Atlantic Records. He has released two EPs: Low High Low in October 2013, and Intoxication in September 2015, followed by the release of his debut album, Gold Rush, in 2018. (from wikipedia)

His full bio can be found here: