Metal Chaos Ensemble – Luminiferous Aether

Metal Chaos Ensemble - Luminiferous Aether Listen

A livestream from David Peck published in Metal

Evil Clown 9205
Evil Clown Headquarters - Waltham MA – 10 January 2018
Luminiferous Aether - 1:10:22

-PEK - clarinet & contralto clarinet, alto, tenor & bass saxophones, bass tromboon, Melodica, wind siren, wood flute, Akia ewi, moog subsequent, Korg ms-20, [d]Ronin, Brontosaurus & tank bells, croTALES, CYMBELLS, log drums, metal, wood, voice, Ableton Mix* -Eric Zinman - synth, balafon, log drums -Yuri Zbitnov - drums, metal, wood, Orchestral Chimes, crotales, wind siren, kazoo, [d]Ronin, recitation, voice -Steve Niemitz - drums, tabla, balafon, log drums, glockenspiel, Orchestral Chimes, crotales, cymbells, Dan-Mo, metal, wood, crank siren -Syd Smart - drums, handsonic, theremin, talking drum, ocean drum, metal, voice -Joel Simches - real time signal processing, live to 2 track recording engineer *samples from the Evil Clown catalog or specially recorded at Evil Clown Headquarters

Liner Notes by PEK
Liner Notes by PEK
Metal Chaos Ensemble was formed in early 2015 by PEK and Yuri Zbitnov as a working project to explore chaotic rhythms on metallic instruments. I had started to amass the Evil Clown Arsenal of percussion, electronic and wind instruments and we needed a workshop to develop this universe of sounds for the Leap of Faith Orchestra. It was immediately obvious that Metal Chaos Ensemble had a sound to itself and over the last three years has been one of the most prolific Evil Clown ensembles. We have produced a bunch of albums covering a wide range of sonority sets, but always with the presence of Gongs, chimes, glockenspiel, Tibetan Bowls and many other metallic sounds and the horns of PEK. All Metal Chaos Ensemble sessions include at least myself and Yuri, along with a whole bunch of different guests.
For around 2 years now, I have been using the Ableton software to create electronic mixes which we use in several of the bands as an accompaniment track. In performance, I ride the fader from off to very present, but most of the time more to the background. Raw samples are taken from the Evil Clown Catalog and also specially recorded at Evil Clown Headquarters with instruments drawn from the Evil Clown arsenal. I then use Adobe Audition to process the samples and finally Ableton to assemble a timeline and create a mix. Most of the more recent MCE sessions use one of these mixes.
In the early days of MCE, most of our sets were with multiple percussion players. More of the recent MCE sets have a bigger variety of instruments with everyone doubling percussion, more emphasis on electronic instruments and signal processing, and fewer dedicated percussionists… This particular set is a bit MCE old school, since 3 of the five musicians are great drummers. I had tried to schedule a session like this a few months ago with myself and these three drummers, but Yuri had car trouble and Syd’s wife uses their car on Thursdays, so Steve and I ended up doing a duet (Emergent Syntax). This time It was looking like we were going to be Yuri, Steve, myself with Joel in the recording chair. I need to have Joel here for the mix when the ensemble gets more complicated and it seemed like a smaller unit, so I thought I would bring in Eric on synth, since I’ve been looking for a good set for that. Turns out Syd was able to ride with Eric and we ultimately had this full quintet!
I’m very happy with this performance which combines the old school percussion dominated MCE with some of the electronics of the new school MCE. Check it out!

PEK 1/12/2019