Music Livestream EDM, House music and Jazz | LIVE (L9a)

Music Livestream EDM, House music and Jazz | LIVE (L9a) Listen

A livestream from FAF RECORDS 979 published in Electronic

This music livestream plays for you the best EDM, House Music and Jazz. There are songs by NoCopyrightSounds, YouTube audio library and Frequency. You can find more information about the channels below. If you have any problems playing the songs, please write to me:

+ This livestream does not play 24/7
+ Music by NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) and YouTube music library.
+ ATTENTION: If you watch this livestream as a replay, current media does not match (time)
+ Write me in the live chat if you have suggestions for improvement or ideas.
+ Thanks for watching or writing in case of problems ;-)

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