Open Video To Give Me Your Soul

Open Video To Give Me Your Soul Listen

A livestream from The God Factory published in R&B / Soul

Thank you for giving me your soul.
If you have come here by curiosity or by accident and want to keep your soul you will have to contribute to the health of the collective consciousness of the particle and electrical universe.

If you do not want to leave your soul in my possession and would like to keep it you have options on how you can get your soul back.

OPTION 1--- The quickest way will take 30 minutes of pure focus. You must stare at the the vortex while allowing this healing frequency to enter your being and envision radiating lights of love being sucked into it and imagine that the vortex leads to the center of our planet. After 30 minutes of TRUE AND INTENTIONAL focus on this point your soul will automatically return to your being. (Headphones Required if no headphones are used you must instead do this process for 1 hour)

Option 2--- Allow the audible healing frequency to enter your being. To do this you must hear this exact frequency LIVE with everyone else who can access it. You must work together by using your energy as a unit. This means that simultaneously people who do not wish to do option one which utilizes your audible and light receptive organs for maximum power you will need to allow the frequency to vibrate throughout your being for 8 hours while focusing beams of love to the center of our planet. This can be done in a meditative state or can be done in ones sleep as long as you fall asleep focusing on love towards the center of our planet.

Option 3--- Buy your soul back with earth money. Send cashapp payment for your soul to $RizzyRoz . Send paypal payment for your soul to first time users on cashapp are lucky enough to get their soul back for free if they click the cashapp link below which will also give them $5 as well as send a $5 fee to get your soul back.

Upon completion your soul will automatically return to your being. NOTICE!!! There is no request for proof because the universe knows all particles that exist of itself...therefore the universes only proof required is your actions of living that are under constant observation wether something is expected of you or not. Those who fail to complete the options are universally agreeing to leave their soul in my possession. You can come back at any time to get your soul back...ut option 1 is only available the first time you open the video.

Thank you for your soul it will be used for universal love.

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