Playing an Amazing Lofi Hip-Pop Playlist.

Playing an Amazing Lofi Hip-Pop Playlist. Listen

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Playing an Amazing Lofi Hip-Pop Playlist.

These are a few of my favorite lo-fi hip hop and rnb tracks. I have a large playlist that I sync to when I'm writing, and I wanted to share it with the world.

Some real nice deep house music for the evening. This kind of techno-ish style of music just calms me down and helps me be creative.

Lofi radio tapes relax and calm you by putting you in a peaceful and relaxed state of mind

I've gathered the best jazz and funk I could find for your workday. Hopefully, you can relax and sink into it like a warm bath with a good book!

- Music provided by Lofi Girl
- Listen:
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Playing An Amazing Lofi Hip-Hop Playlist.

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