Promenade en Vélo Parigné l'Evêque with AppleMusic Jazz

Promenade en Vélo Parigné l'Evêque with AppleMusic Jazz Listen

A livestream from alan silva published in Jazz

With 6,357 hectares, Parigné l'Evêque is the second largest commune in the department. Wooded areas represent half of this area, which is clearly shown on the map opposite. More than 80 kilometers of marked trails crisscross the territory, connected to the routes of neighboring municipalities, and which place Parigné at the heart of an almost inexhaustible hiking area, well known to walkers, riders and mountain bikers (from the town of Parigné, it is possible to gain the superb forest of Bercé by practically only taking paths in the undergrowth).
In the northeast, the ponds of Loudon are one of the most interesting sites in the town with its some five hundred “ ardea cinerea ” (the scientific name of the gray heron and its beautiful geese geese (stars of the film The migratory people ), who took up residence there a few years ago.
In the south-west, the site of “La Basse Goulandière”, classified as a regional natural reserve (RNR), which can be visited during nature events, contains a bog being restored with particularly interesting flora and fauna.
Two new “soft lanes” make it possible to reach the leisure area of the Parigné lake from the town via the Bois de la Taille.
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