RELAXING PIANO BAR – Pop Songs Reimagined – Live Stream #27

RELAXING PIANO BAR - Pop Songs Reimagined - Live Stream #27 Listen

A livestream from F Key Piano Man published in Rock

My 1 & 1/2 hour weekly stream of Relaxing Piano Bar evening playing a selection of Pop songs, reimagined into easy listening, calming Piano / Vocal songs.
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It's my weekly Wednesday night stream where i get a chance to run through my repertoire, take requests and even try some new songs / ideas.
I'll run through contemporary, swing, ballads, reggae, pop and whatever else fits the mood.
Would love your company, and requests.

Songs performed:

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Gear used for this recording:
-Roland RD-2000 Piano:
-TC Helicon Perform VE Effects unit:
-TC Helicon Harmony 2 Singer Pedal:
-Shure SM-58 Microphone:
-Studio Headphones Beyer Dynamic DT 770 PRO 32OHM:
-Steinberg UR44 4 channel sound card
-Logitech 920e Camera
-Streamlabs OBS streaming / Recording software