Rock Band KISS Promoting Deadly Fukushima Sake Is A OUTRAGEOUS Betrayal !!

Rock Band KISS Promoting Deadly Fukushima Sake Is A OUTRAGEOUS Betrayal !! ▶ Listen

A livestream from Dana Durnford published in Rock

Pictures from KISS Album to be on SAKE and Sake to have KISS Songs names is out right murder . How dare KISS to poison its listeners with deadly radiation Sake from a nuclear meltdown where rice or food should never be grown under any circumstances . This has to stop immediately and KISS needs to denounce this sick and demented and murderous gimmick or face a world wide blow back !!

Fukushima breweries team up with rock band KISS
Okunomatsu Sake Brewery and Homare Sake Brewery
Representatives of Okunomatsu Sake Brewery and Homare Sake Brewery, both in Fukushima Prefecture see it at youtube link

Congenital heart disease operations rose 14% per 100,000 births after Fukushima nuclear accident

Seniors urged to eat Fukushima rice to help farmers, protect young people by Minoru Matsutani

As fears linger, Fukushima rice rebounds under anonymity

Disaster-hit Fukushima shrines eye consolidation as key to survival 44 shrines are in areas where access is restricted due to high radiation levels , so why grow rice there ??

Is Emergency Evacuation from Seabrook Reactor Even Possible? Public Hearings Demanded
by John Laforge
We the People and its founder Stephen Comley produced “No Evacuation Possible,”

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