SACHA – Oceanic Trip Hop

SACHA - Oceanic Trip Hop Listen

A livestream from Sacha Terrat published in Trip-hop

Take a trip to New Caledonia with SACHA's oceanic trip hop music. From the sandy beaches of the island to the busy streets of Paris, SACHA will spend an hour with you, singing songs, answering questions and speaking about the inspiration behind his songs.


Born in New Caledonia in a multi-cultural family, [sa.ʃa]* has always felt at ease in very different settings: being raised on an island where traditional customs and european influences meet, he draws inspiration from New Caledonia's lush Nature and traveling around the world. These duplicities reveal in his work: synthesizers and electronic beats play along traditional Kanak music samples and orchestral parts. The singer lays his vocals over this musical "tapa", at times airy, at time grounded, inviting the listener to an instrospective and dream-like journey.
In 2020, [sa.ʃa]* released SILVER CHAINS, the first single off his upcoming 3rd album, UNIMORPH, along with a music video, which have both been critically-acclaimed. The singer chronicles his time in lockdown and sends a powerful message of empathy & solidarity. The year 2021 starts strongly with the release of his first French single ever: LA MAIN (The Hand) & the creation of a brand new type of virtual concert, in a custom-made 3D environment.