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A livestream from SadTrapVibe 美しい published in Hip-hop

♫ Sadtrap, Lofi hip hop, Chillbeats, chillhop, Bass Radio - Songs ♫

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$50.00: cre0s: "find me more of aura - you (ft. sinshei) :)"
$30.00: OverThink: "Mamimi Feel Sad ☹"
$25.50: LW: "Thank you for introducing me to BVLLVH, gin$eng, haven, paradise, skeleton, and many more great artists!"
$20.00: nexyii: "lemme cover the stream goal"
$15.00: AnotherSadBoy: "Thanks for the vibes."
$14.00: Mirai Nikki: "Sad music for my soul"
$10.00: Joan_Elise_Pfeffer: "Thanks for making a S A D G I R L feel a little better"
$10.00: Sottomatic: "Phreshness"
$10.00: Kusaranai: "Just wanted to send some love because I get so much editing inspo on this channel"
$ 6.00: Dave: "I discovered your channel 1 hour ago and I love it already !"
$ 5.00: PureMoods: "Dope tunes"
$ 5.00: St34msux: "Have a nice day"
$ 5.00: Christhericefarmer: "Just wanted to support you cutie"
$ 5.00: the_accidental_poet: "SadTrap 24/7"
$ 5.00: GreyGit: "Listen to your stuff every day after class/work. Helps me concentrate on studying or just playing Rocket League. Keep it up!"
$ 5.00: CattaShin2749
$ 5.00: nexy
$ 4.00: Eternity: "Love your Work"
$ 2.69: xBlackShadowsZz: "I have been subscribed for more than a year, and I would like to say thank you for the uploads and the live streams. This channel really helped me go through rough days, being stressed from school and finding some talented artists! Thank you"
$ 2.00: RedTears: "Keep up the stream, take care :(:"
- Loathed (producer) - "you’re really giving us a platform"
- Dylan Yawn (subscriber) - "the only thing i can chill too without having to change songs"
- SIMXN (subscriber) - "Maybe the best live stream that i ever hear"
- Free Sara Tonin (subscriber) - "The atmosphere you're cultivating on your channel is unlike any other"
-LW - "Thank you for introducing me to BVLLVH, gin$eng, haven, paradise, skeleton, and many more great artists!"

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►what we play?
27/09/2017: +200 tracks. (sadtrap)
30/09/2017: +100 tracks. (sadtrap)
19/11/2017: +50 tracks. (sadtrap)
03/01/2018: +35 tracks. (sadtrap)
11/03/2018: +300 tracks.(lofi hip hop)
05/05/2018: +75 tracks. (sadtrap)
07/10/2018: +50 tracks. (sadtrap)
Genre: sadtrap music, chilltrap, trapwave, emotional trap.

►What song is it?
Artist and track information is listed on the top left corner.
If for some reason track name doesn't appear.. don't worry, all tracks are in the channel.

►Can I submit my music?
You have to put in contact with

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