SAMURAI【武士 】~ Japanese Trap & Lofi Hip Hop Mix ☯ Authentic Samurai Trap Music

SAMURAI【武士 】~ Japanese Trap & Lofi Hip Hop Mix ☯ Authentic Samurai Trap Music Listen

A livestream from One Star published in Hip-hop

Welcome to our channel! Dive into the world of the Samurai with this unique Japanese Trap & Lofi Hip Hop Mix. This mix blends the traditional spirit of Japanese Samurai culture with the modern beats of trap and lo-fi hip hop, making it perfect for studying, relaxing, or meditating.

About This Mix:
1. Samurai Spirit: This mix captures the essence of the Samurai spirit, using modern music to help you achieve deep focus and meditation.
2. Lo-fi Hip Hop Beats: Relaxing and smooth lo-fi hip hop beats that help to alleviate daily stress and create a calm atmosphere.
3. Trap Music Energy: The powerful beats of trap music provide motivation and energy.
Perfect For:
1. Studying: Enhance your focus and create a quiet environment without background noise.
2. Relaxing: Relieve stress and calm your mind with soothing music.
3. Meditating: Ideal background music for reaching a deep meditative state.
4. Working: Stimulate creativity and boost productivity.

Tracklist with Timestamps:
00:00:00 - Shuriken Beats
00:02:47 - Phantom Ronin Beats
00:04:50 - Tokugawa Bounce
00:07:20 - Origami Sound
00:09:50 - Ronin Rumble
00:11:37 - Mount Fuji Trap Beats
00:14:50 - Ryokan Nights
00:17:07 - Yakuza Yen
00:18:58 - Samurai Spirit:
00:21:24 - Oni's Lament
00:23:22 - 闇。剣。怨
00:25:27 - Trap in the Land of the Rising Sun
00:27:58 - Osaka Urban Chronicles
00:29:52 - Geisha Dreams
00:31:40 - Samurai Shadows
00:33:03 - Dragon's Roar
00:34:49 - Ghostly Shinto Beats
00:36:23 - Bushido Beats
00:38:18 - Mystical Japan Trap
00:40:55 - Neon Shibuya Streets
00:42:39 - Kyoto Trap Symphony
00:45:02 - Katana Flow
00:48:54 - Haunted Shrine
00:51:08 - Shogun Shuffle
00:54:11 - Ninja Beats
00:56:00 - Shogun's Reign

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