Santa Trump Xmas Rock Party – Live / Chat

Santa Trump Xmas Rock Party - Live / Chat β–Ά Listen

A livestream from LIVE SATELLITE STUDIOS published in Rock

join the Fun its the Trump Xmas Rock Party - Live / Chat What did Santa bring you?

Ibanez Guitar - Digitech Trio + Whammy, Dirty Robot, Zoom G3Xn

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Digitech Trio+ Band Creator, Dirty Robot, Whammy 5, Zoom G3Xn, Ibanez Guitar's, Elastic Dimarzio ClipLock Strap, EMG Pickup's, Dunlop 0.60mm Tortex Pick's, Rockville Cables, Reaper DAW, Easy Drummer 2, Akai MPK , Vox Metal AP2-MT, Yamaha RBX 170 Bass, GTX 23 Kamen / Applause

(Always Interested in New Gear to Demo here on the Channel)

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