Smoky Blues Music – Dark Whiskey Blues and Jazz Guitar Music Instrumental for Relaxing, Sleeping

Smoky Blues Music - Dark Whiskey Blues and Jazz Guitar Music Instrumental for Relaxing, Sleeping Listen

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Smoky Blues Music - Dark Whiskey Blues and Jazz Guitar Music Instrumental for Relaxing, Sleeping

👋🏻 Good Evening Guys ! How're you goin !

🚬 Sometimes we wait, not wait for anyone or anything. It is waiting for time to make us slowly change… Only when you have seen how you have changed. Only then will I understand, how much I have been hurt. Actually, no one wants to live in the world alone and alone. It's just that after relationships there is nothing to lose, but to lose trust in people and each other's place in life.

🚂 Life is like a train that we are the driver, every time we cross a station, there will be people getting on and people getting off. The people who get on the bus with us at departure are mostly in the middle of the road and will leave, but the people who accompany us to the end of the journey are very few. Not even one.

☕ Suffering will heal the scar, the wound will close. People always want to know what they need to be able to grasp it! In fact, everyone's life is equally empty, so we need to find our own joy, using all the weirdest pleasures to fill that illusory life journey.

🥂 Relax and enjoy a few drinks or smoking while listening to this music. 🎶
Thank you very much ♥♥♥

🖖🏻 Welcome to BLUES & JAZZ. This channel is a blues music station that plays relaxing and peaceful music 24/7. If you're looking for summer blues, whisky blues, smoky blues, blues jazz,.... and many thing else, this place is for you !

🎧 We hope our music can give you some space to stay optimistic in life. Release any negative thoughts and just relax to keep creating! From now on, your life will only be filled with your emotions.

️️🎷 Get in the right mood with the right music. Hear music that will make you happier, more relaxed, and less stressed. This channel is a place to escape and find peace. We have a little bit of everything: blues, jazz, rock, instrumental, and more...

🎸 Music is also used for what you say, not only for entertainment but also to accompany us when we perform other tasks. My passion is writing, and my habit of listening to blues while doing it produces amazing results for the simple fact that it fuels and sparks the imagination.

️🎵 Playing videos are the best, unique tunes of our exclusive Blues Jazz music, only available at BLUES & JAZZ.

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Welcome to our channel!
BLUES & JAZZ - A small corner with Blues Music, Smooth Blues, Relaxing Blues...cigars, Whiskey. All will be blended to bring you wonderful relaxing, soaring emotions!
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