Spiritual Dance Music Spring Equinox Full Moon Moon in Libra March 20th 2019

Spiritual Dance Music Spring Equinox Full Moon Moon in Libra March 20th 2019 Listen

A livestream from The Leo King published in World

Join The Leo King as he is LIVE in the Leo King Film/Music Studios in Southern California!

Watch The Leo King and The Peace Dealer perform a live presentation in front of a live crowd!
Astrologers The Leo King, The Peace Dealer
Come Together To Help Assist People Cope With This Very Rare Transition In The World & In Our Individual Lives. The Uranus in Taurus Transit, Pluto Saturn in Capricorn, and much more is covered. Can you adjust to the extreme physical changes that are happening in this world?
2 Hours and 17 Min, special appearance by Sophia for 15 min.

Watch The Leo King perform a live presentation in front of a live crowd about the truth of fate, and how free will is something many do not understand. Based off The Leo Kings channeled talk, he goes through some hardcore truths and delivers a triggering, yet enlightening performance that will shift your view of fate/free will, and your own pre-determined astrology. Do not forget, he also covers major shift in the free will choice the collective has now, based on accepting a fate many do not want to accept.

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