Symphonic Metal, Videogame and Soundtrack Playlist by MoonSun

Symphonic Metal, Videogame and Soundtrack Playlist by MoonSun Listen

A livestream from MoonSunLife published in Metal

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A Lifetime of Adventure - Tuomas Holopainen cover:
Alpenglow - Nightwish cover:
Amaranth - Nightwish cover:
Amazing Grace:
Between the Flags - MoonSun:
Caresse sur l'ocean - Les Choristes cover:
Dark Chest of Wonders - Nightwish cover:
Dead Boy's Poem - Nightwish cover:
Deep Within - MoonSun:
Don't lie to me - MoonSun:
Double Trouble - Harry Potter cover:
Élan - Nightwish cover:
Eva - Nightwish cover:
Ever Dream - Nightwish cover:
Feint - Epica cover:
Fly again - MoonSun:
Forever yours - Nightwish cover:
Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen cover:
Hanging Tree - The Hunger games cover:
Hearing your Screams - MoonSun:
Hello - Evanescence cover:
How far I'll go - Moana cover:
I dreamed a Dream - Les Misérables cover:
I walk alone - Tarja Turunen cover:
Last Ride of the Day - Nightwish cover:
Let it go - Frozen cover:
Let me escape - MoonSun:
Lilium - Elfen Lied cover:
My Immortal - Evanescence cover:
Mystery of a blood red Rose - Avantasia cover:
Nemo - Nightwish cover:
Never enough - The greatest Showman cover:
On my own - Les Misérables cover:
One by one - MoonSun:
Over it - Bullet for my Valentine cover:
Sagan - Nightwish cover:
Shudder before the beautiful - Nightwish cover:
Sleeping Sun - Nightwish cover:
Sonne - Rammstein cover:
Stand my Ground - Within Temptation cover:
Stein um Stein - Rammstein cover:
Still alive - Portal cover:
The Bardcall - Van Canto cover:
The Dragonborn comes - Skyrim cover:
The wolven Storm - The Witcher cover:
True colors - Zedd cover:
Vois sur ton chemin - Les Choristes cover:
Walking in the Air - Nightwish cover:
Want you gone - Portal 2 cover:
Willst du - Schandmaul cover:
Wish I had an Angel - Nightwish cover: