The Pinetop Perkins Foundation "Stay At Homecoming" 2020 Hosted by Blues Radio International

The Pinetop Perkins Foundation "Stay At Homecoming" 2020 Hosted by Blues Radio International Listen

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The Pinetop Perkins Stay At Homecoming

The Pinetop Homecoming annually brings together some of the world’s best Blues musicians and students to celebrate the legacy of the great Pinetop Perkins. This year, Blues Radio International is proud to present The Pinetop Stay At Homecoming.

Watch the giants of our music, & tomorrow’s Blues stars, all play to support the important work of the Pinetop Perkins Foundation. The Pinetop Workshop Experience provides education for young musicians, bringing them together to learn directly from their musical heroes. The Pinetop Assistance League is now providing critical support to the elder musicians who have given us so much.

We all want to ensure the preservation of our great Blues music tradition. As you watch the Pinetop Stay At Homecoming, we hope you will want to become a part of this work as well. Please show your support to the Pinetop Perkins Foundation and help us keep the blues alive!

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A BIG THANK YOU to all of the youth & professional artists that contributed their kind words & beautiful music to this program. Erin Coburn, Six String Andrew, Jake Kulak, Dylan “Boogie Boy” Shaw, Sarah Grace, Jaymes Brass, Wyly Bigger, Jesse Black & Joe Tellman, Moses Mabarak, Xavier Mabarak, Miles Hoyt, Audrey Michelle, Jesse Finkelstein, Michael Wolf, Datflys Concert Videos, Jay Skolnick, Bob Margolin, Joseph Morganfield, Bob Corritore, Billy Branch, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, Fiona Boyes, Victor Wainwright, Anthony Geraci, Phil Wiggins, Jonn Del Toro Richardson, Bob Corritore, Lisa Biales, Terrence Grayson


Production & stream engineering by: Audrey Michelle of True Definition Media