The World's First Interactively Recorded Album – Week 18 – With Justin K

The World's First Interactively Recorded Album - Week 18 - With Justin K Listen

A livestream from Evan Moxie Kitchener published in World

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Thanks for watching this weeks Musical Livestream and being part of the worlds first interactive music project! If you've missed previous sessions or leave partway through this Livestream, they will all be archived and available for you to watch at any future time for your convenience. Just go to to find previous streams.

Thanks for watching and hopefully you will continue to enjoy these weekly streams.

Quick Question: "So do I (the audience) get any royalties/money if you use some of my lyrical suggestions or titles?"
Answer: Generally no but potentially yes. If you suggest enough lyrics and words (50%) for a song that end up being used in the final version, then your name will be added as a co-writer of that song and will be entitled to possible future royalties/money if it's used on the final album.

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*****VST Instruments And Effects List*****
An amazing acoustic guitar, electric bass, and pan drum instrument. AGM Lite II, ABP Lite II, Ample Percussion Cloudrum.


List of free to use Voxengo plugins

My New York/Parallel compression Buss Limiter and others


Fancy Impulse Response Amp Setup by David Fau From Bestplugins
Set these 3 plugins up in the order listed in the below picture with the same settings
Then download the Impulse Responses here
Then load in the short Impulse Response audio file into the Kefir plugin and your done! Full credit to David Fau From

A bunch of wild and extream effects

A free stereo widening plugin from Izotope


A great bundle of effects from Melda Production

Audio to midi plugin

Plugin Boutique has a long list of free to use synths if you're hungry for more


A list of VST Plugins I have bought and use in my projects

iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced
Voxengo Curve eq
Waves Renaissance Vox
Waves TrueVerb
Waves Tune
Hybrid 3 3 Synth
Vacuum Pro Synth

Reason 8 Additional Refills

Backline Rig 2 ReFill
Reason Electric Bass
Reason Drum Kits
RyanGreene AltDrums1
TheLoopLoft TheArtOfBrushesVol3 ReFill

Korg trinity
Miroslav Brass Refill
Miroslav Choirs Refill
Miroslav Perc & Keys Refill
Miroslav Solo Strings Refill
Miroslav String Ensembles Refill
Miroslav Woodwinds Refill
SR Film Orchestra R3
Reason Strings

Reason 8 Rack Extensions

A-List Acoustic Guitarist
Power Chords A-List Electric Guitarist
Radical Keys
Radical Piano
Cerberus Bass Amp
Royalty free green screen animations from Footage Island