TikTokie Radio // lo fi hip hop & jazzy beats to study/sleep/relax 🎧

TikTokie Radio // lo fi hip hop & jazzy beats to study/sleep/relax 🎧 ▶ Listen

A livestream from TikTokie published in Hip-hop

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🎵 New Beats Added - 19th August 2020

📌This stream's playlist is curated with an emphasis on relaxation so you can study, sleep or work in peace. No vocal samples, just smooth beats to relax the mind after a long day or a heavy mental task.

For the best experience feel free to tune in a late night or while you study!

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🎨 Illustration & Animation by Kirokaze
↪︎ Behance: https://behance.net/kirokaze
↪︎ DeviantArt: https://deviantart.com/kirokaze
↪︎ Tumblr: https://kirokazepixel.tumblr.com
↪︎ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kirokaze

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